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IATA is an international commercial entity created 60 years ago by a group of airlines.  Today, IATA brings together 240 airlines from about 180 countries and represents more than 84% of total air traffic. IATA was founded in Havana, Cuba, in April 1945. IATA has 63 offices in 60 countries and its head office is located in Montreal.


Contract management, which was previously the responsibility of project managers who personally managed each contract under their responsibility, did not allow the legal department to have visibility of all signed contracts and full control of their compliance.
To this end, IATA decided to opt for a high-performance and reliable software solution, enabling it to centralize the legal management of contracts and litigation for all its national and international entities.

IATA launched a call for tenders with the aim of equipping itself with a :
- Standard and ready to use;
- Capable of managing both contracts and disputes;
- Flexible and easy to use;
- Upgradeable to additional modules without jeopardizing the entire system.

Legal Suite solution

At the end of the call for tenders, IATA chose the Legal Suite solution that met its needs and offered a complete, user-friendly solution with a multitude of functionalities:
- Adequacy of the Legal Suite software with the business world of legal advisors
- Quality/price ratio
- Intuitive operation combined with ease of customization
- Compatibility with the SAP environment...

The Legal Suite teams closely accompanied IATA's legal department in understanding the needs, creating new procedures, integrating the system and continuously monitoring the project.
IATA chose to deploy 2 modules:
- Contracts
- Litigation

In order to optimize the deployment of the software solution, IATA has mobilized resources dedicated to the integration of approximately 60,000 archived contracts.
The implementation of the platform enabled IATA's Legal Department to define precise management procedures, improve its organization and implement best practices for contract management.


The Legal Suite solution has brought beneficial changes within IATA. The organization now has a secure and efficient system for managing contracts and litigation.
The legal department now has real-time visibility of all legal information. The ergonomic and user-friendly interface of Legal Suite delights users.

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