Retail Sales Industry Solutions

Retail Sales Industry Solutions

Published on : 07/04/2020 07 April Apr 04 2020

Legal departments of the specialized retail sector are involved in all stages of the economic model of this sector, from the management of warehouses and stores to the negotiation of purchase contracts as well as competition law and consumer protection.



Upstream, the in-house counsel contributes to the deployment of the brand and the establishment of warehouses, stores, and points of sale, making use of expertise in real estate law, urban planning, and commercial leases. Rent indexing, site and space management, and lessor/owner/lessee relations are part of their everyday know-how as much as issues related to the logistics chain and storage.

The procurement function is naturally at the heart of this activity, where the team consisting of the buyer and the in-house lawyer are involved in negotiation for purchasing centers, framework agreements and implementation contracts, distribution agreements, referencing, etc. intended to guarantee the assortment of products. Strictly controlled by competition law and the prevention of unlawful price agreements or abuses of economic domination, the retail sector must preserve its social responsibility within its ecosystem.

Consumer protection law and the many standards and regulations on preventing food and health risks as well as the rules for transit and storage are all requirements for regulatory compliance that must be met.

The GaLexy® software suite allows retail legal departments to optimize the management, control, and analysis of their various activities, whether they are related to contract management, commercial leases, matter management, or litigation.


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