Insurance-Risk Management for Law Firms, Lawyers, General & In-House Counsel

Insurance-Risk Management for Law Firms, Lawyers, General & In-House Counsel

Published on : 05/04/2020 05 April Apr 04 2020


As a stakeholder in the risk management functions, the unit specialized in insurance management decisively contributes to the protection of the company's assets, activities, and executives. Regardless of the size of its team and responsibilities, it is essential, when dealing with insurance brokers and companies, that it maintain control of costs and its risk management strategy.

The Risk Manager and insurance department must therefore have reliable, relevant indicators to allow them to:

  • Produce an ongoing inventory of risk objects, such as movable assets, real estate, industrial assets, commercial assets, intellectual property , liability, and damage insurance.
  • Produce an ongoing inventory of active or expiring policies that cover the company's assets, executives, and activities and the corresponding premiums.
  • Monitor claims of any nature, their financial stakes, and the implementation of compensation.

The Legal Suite solutions allow risk managers and insurance departments to control the risks related to their company's assets as well as the optimization of their coverage.


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