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Watch Productivity Soar as Your Next Hire Takes on the Boring Stuff

Published on : 19/11/2020 19 November Nov 11 2020

Your next legal department hire doesn't require a big salary and benefits package to keep them happy. And they won't need days off, a lunch break, or time to chat at the watercooler. 

You may want to consider recruiting AI (Artificial Intelligence)-based business software into your company to automate the mundane, repetitive processes and tasks that clog up efficiency. Free-up time for "human" intelligence to accomplish higher-value activities to impact your legal operations' client services and growth. 

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of AI is the Terminator movie series featuring machines taking over the world. AI may have gotten a bad rap from the movies, but that's not the kind of AI that can improve your legal organization's productivity. Modern business software solutions offer AI automation so you can save time and streamline your processes.  

Organizations have a tremendous interest in relieving highly skilled resources from engaging in low-value repetitive manual processes and tasks. The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Americas conference coins the term "hyper-automation." 

Let's consider some difficult challenges your legal staff faces. 

When relying on manual or legacy technology, every task becomes time-consuming. For In-House Legal Counsel, a common complaint is how challenging it is to enter and keep track of costs. It is also frustrating if the legal department can't prove its value and worth to the organization when mired in manual processes. As a result, they may routinely miss important contract expiration dates. Without modern software, their productivity takes a dive when trying to find the documents and elements they need. 

What if you could keep your fingertips on the pulse of operations with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that drive the business? What if you could visualize the real-time numbers in a stunning dashboard so you could improve productivity?

The good news is that we are not "future-talking" about technology that you can only dream about, as AI automation is available today. Many lawyers, in-house counsel, legal departments, and law practices have prioritized evaluating a modern legal management solution to gain the advantages that a proven AI software solution can offer.   

Here's how legal operations can gain value with plug-in AI-driven business software.


  No more playing hide-and-seek with your documents and emails. Modern software allows you to scan all documents, so they are searchable and findable. Your emails are categorized, so you get a 360-degree view of all interactions with a client in one place. You can now respond quickly to every request. 

  Protect your communications. Access a private and interactive workspace portal that allows you to exchange information with internal clients and external partners. Securely chat while honoring privacy policies.

  Reduce unnecessary questions. When your staff can self-serve information with an accessible business solution, they are empowered to complete work without interruptions. 

  Improve accuracy and build your reputation. Provide honest, straight-forward answers rapidly. When the information your staff requires is centralized, everyone is working from the same set of facts. There are fewer errors, with reduced duplication of efforts. You'll be able to trust your information system. 

  Automate document naming for consistency. Have you noticed if ten different people name their documents, it might result in ten different document names? (Unless, of course, you are a machine). Business software that offers automatic creating and naming of files is invaluable. You teach the technology a uniform process that ensures compliance. 

  Save time when entering data. What if your business system could automatically fill in crucial information to give you a head start? Here's where an AI-powered business solution shines; you can harness technology to empower your staff to get more done. 

  Easily store and secure your documents. Drag-and-drop your documents and keep them classified with version history. The key to user-acceptance of automation is to make it so effortless that your staff (most often) cheerfully follows procedures. 

 Track documents and projects from generation to completion. Trace all operations related to a specific case. When you can see every document and email in real-time, you can make informed decisions to accelerate the contract process. 

  Generate reports on activities and projects within teams. Safely share documents, reports, and activities on any project within the organization. Create reports that provide insight into your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), so you can spot issues before they grow into bottlenecks. 

  Generate contracts rapidly. The faster you move the contract creation and acceptance along, the sooner you can get your team working productively. Use automation to fill in related data for you. Digitally sign and track contracts to accelerate responses.

   Document Management and workflows. Give your staff the ability to be more accurate, with faster delivery for all their projects. 

Success is in your hands

Add smart automation to your list of to-dos to improve your operations. Make your legal team a stand-out part of your organization by demonstrating value with every interaction. 

Modern AI business software for the legal industry has now evolved to meet what clients expect from technology. It may be time to leap into streamlined processes and tasks that will allow lawyers, in-house counsel, and law firms to do more with fewer resources. 

The path to success is acquiring your next hire, human-friendly AI business management software that makes everything you do more efficient. (and, you won't need the Terminator to dominate the world). 

About the author:
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Discover more about automating your legal processes to improve your department’s workload by reading our infographic “Get more done with legal process automation software”.



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