Webinar: Use It or Lose It, the Power of Self-Confidence

Webinar: Use It or Lose It, the Power of Self-Confidence

Published on : 30/11/2021 30 November Nov 11 2021

Don’t miss this webinar next December 7, 2021 sponsored Legal Suite!

We all know those people who exude confidence. Were they just born that way? Are the rest of us out of luck? Absolutely not! Confidence is not a fixed attribute; it’s the outcome of the thoughts we think and the actions we take. In other words, confidence can be learned – and we are here to help.

Join professional coach Kate Campbell as she shares her holistic approach towards confidence, using a unique combination of principles and practices from personal training, nutrition, wellness, leadership development and life coaching. As co-founder of “The ‘Real’ Confidence Project,” Kate works with professionals to optimize their confidence and become the best version of themselves, inside and out. Let her help transform you as well!

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