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Webinar : Failure - Getting confortable with the "F" word

Webinar : Failure - Getting confortable with the "F" word

Published on : 15/10/2020 15 October Oct 10 2020

In-house counsel need strong legal, compliance and risk management skills—and to develop them, they receive ample training in law school, within their organizations and through other professional development, such as that offered by the CCCA.

However, just like any other professional—and perhaps even more so, given their position of influence—in-house lawyers also need solid soft skills to survive and thrive in the workplace. Skills like resilience, empathy, executive presence, dealing with anxiety, acting and reacting in stressful situations, keeping personal and professional problems separate… The list goes on and on.

About the webinar

Responding to this need expressed by the in-house community, Legal Suite partnered with the CCCA, to provide training on soft skills. The topic: Failure – Getting comfortable with the "F" word.

To get the conversation started on this important topic, award-winning speaker Ashley Good, founder of Fail Forward and presenter of the interactive webinar, shares how failure has helped some of the best leaders in the world.

Wildly successful people, from President Obama to Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Michael Jordan, all have incredible stories of failing and learning, which they have courageously shared with the world. While their circumstances may differ, the thread that joins them all is that failure made them better.

The most successful leaders are those who are able to learn and grow from these experiences. Yet, dealing with failure well is not a skill we are ever taught how to do. It is a skill we either learn the hard way, or not at all

About the speaker

Ashley Good, founder of Fail Forward, the world’s first failure consultancy, supports people and organizations to acknowledge, create and evolve from failure. A winner of the Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Innovating Innovation Challenge, Fail Forward helps businesses, governments and non-profits harness their failures to learn, innovate and build resilience. Before launching Fail Forward, Ashley worked in Cairo with the United Nations Environment Programme and as a management consultant in Vancouver. She is a half-ironman triathlete, has dreams of one day becoming a great bike mechanic, and earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia with honours. Ashley is a contributor to the Globe and Mail Leadership Lab, Public Sector Digest, and World Economic Forum Agenda. Her work has received coverage in a wide range of media and news outlets, including Harvard Business Review, CBC Radio and Television, The New York Times, and Fast Company.

About the registration

You can register to the webinar here.


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