Discover How Colibri Services Saved Time on Their Contract Management with Just One Click

Discover How Colibri Services Saved Time on Their Contract Management with Just One Click

Published on : 06/02/2024 06 February Feb 02 2024

Colibri Services is a holding company that covers various sectors, with its primary focus on healthcare (4 private healthcare facilities on the island of Cayenne in French Guiana), alongside others in collective catering, green space maintenance, car rental, training, apprenticeship, and logistics. The objective of Colibri Services is to offer an integrated offer in specific and innovative sectors useful for the territory's development.

We interviewed Mrs. Clara Paillé, internal lawyer at Colibri Services.

What were your constraints before using Legal Suite solutions?

I was hired to assist in the organizational restructuring of the group from a legal standpoint. This involved securing, deploying, and improving contract management to better catalog and track the various contracts distributed across different departments.

The constraint was related to complex management due to our cross-functionality, as we are a diverse group with activities spanning medical, support activities such as catering or logistics.

It seemed interesting to equip ourselves with flexible software that would allow us to centralize and standardize contract management to better establish our cross-functionality.

Did you have a tool before Legal Suite?

Everything was managed empirically, based on individual habits and sensitivities. Archiving work was done in a traditional manner, using Excel spreadsheets, standard word processing software like Word, and Google Drive to share certain documents. Each person had their own spreadsheet, and information was not necessarily cross-referenced. Some people had certain elements, and others did not.

The result was quite random because we couldn't truly centralize our data.

That's why GaLexy® software seemed like an interesting resource to me, in terms of autonomy, assistance with digitalization, and centralization of contract data that is easily accessible and available.

What benefits have you derived from the GaLexy® software?

Firstly, the ease and speed of access to information, in just 1 click, which allows me to avoid the lengthy process of compiling spreadsheets.

Secondly, the ability to generate reports, which provides a clear and immediate view of the issues. This is very useful to the Management who can see the number of contracts signed over a determined period, the financial costs incurred, but also what needs to be rationalized.

It also helps me to tidy up existing contracts.

With the use of the "Contracts" module, what has changed in your job practice?
For now, the deployment of the software is not yet optimal in all departments. But for me, the change lies in the time savings and flexibility that the tool allows me.

I quickly know what needs to be done with the current contracts, whether to renew them, stop them, while respecting deadlines based on set notice periods.

Were you supported by Legal Suite in the implementation of your project?

I was supported by a particularly motivated, responsive, and dynamic team. Regarding the technical aspect, both in terms of training and in progressing with the tool's handling and daily support, our Customer Success Manager has been available, very attentive, and understanding.

In addition to our periodic meetings to deepen certain points and progress in the use of the tool, our Customer Success Manager creates capsules that allow me to revisit specific topics.

I had questions that arose along the way, and I appreciated Legal Suite's ability to guide me and seek solutions to help me move forward.

If you were to recommend us to another organization or colleague, what would you say to them?
I would tell them "Go for it!". Especially since, beyond contracts, there are other modules that are interesting, notably the "litigation" module and the "companies" module.

I would advise them to take stock of their needs and turn to Legal Suite if they wish to equip themselves with a tool that allows them flexible and dynamic management of their company and to have an optimized organizational approach.

Thank you, Clara Paillé for your testimony.

We take all feedback from our clients into account and are in a constant process of improving our products and services.


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