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Published on : 03/05/2020 03 May May 05 2020

How In-House Counsel Benefits from Legal Suite Comprehensive Legal Management Software 

Overview of the major deployment of three Legal Suite modules within Lagardere’s legal department: Corporate Entities, Contract Management and Real Estate. Lagardere is a leading media group, with revenue of 7.2 billons euros, present in 40 countries, with more than 800 legal entities.

Overview of the major deployment of three Legal Suite modules within Lagardere’s legal department: Corporate Entities, Contract Management and Real Estate. Lagardere is a leading media group, with revenue of 7.2 billion euros, present in 40 countries, with more than 800 legal entities.


Lagardere, a media group operating into 4 business segments, has more than 800 legal entities. In 2005, the group’s Legal Department began actively looking into 

Legal Management Software. The main objective was to find a system that offered centralized information on all of the group’s activities.

“We lacked general overall visibility across the organization as a whole. Data was available through multiple decentralized databases. And their tedious collection required considerable resources.” explained Jean-Bernard EHL, Management Applications Manager at DSI groupe Lagardère.


Lagardere decided to audit solutions available on the market and launched a
targeted and ambitious request for proposal. Among the main objectives defined by the

Legal Department were:

The development of adatabase that allowscentralization of information for all legal entities.
The centralization of an enterprise wide solution within all entities of the group.
The availability of a collaborative platform for all corporate divisions.
The migration and consolidation of historical data from 3 distinct databases.
“We previously had deployed various software solutions but some had reached the end of their lifespan. We studied the solutions available on the market and then drew up our requirements for the RFP” said Jean-Bernard EHL. “The idea was to go further than simply renewing the software and integrating a corporate entities database. It was also about implementing a unique and scalable solution that would meet other legal needs in business law, such as contract management” he continues.

Legal Suite’s Solution

After reviewing several proposed solutions, Lagardere decided to move forward with Legal Suite. The modules’ simplicity and ease of use, the international dimension of its product offering, as well as the quick access to data, thanks to advanced and robust multi-criteria search engine won over the legal team. Thus, Lagardere was able to construct an information system composed of the 3 specific modules:

Corporate Entity Management
Contract Management
Real Estate & Lease Management
“Knowing that our legal team are often required to be dynamic and multi-task, we wanted to create an authentic application platform, multilingual and user-friendly, which meets the 

specific nature of our business, practices and procedures.” Said Jean-Bernard EHL.

In order to take advantage of all the benefits of their unique Corporate Entity, Contracts, Real Estate & Lease Management platform, Lagardere also acquired the supporting Legal Directory tool, to list the contact details of both the companies and individuals involved with Lagardere legal matters; the directory matches the related information and documents.

The benefits

“There was a real need to develop a centralized database. Just by doing so, we have been able to greatly increase profitability.”

Today close to 550 employees make daily use of the Legal Suite solution.

The legal department points out that since implementing Legal Suite, many improvements have been made in terms of collaboration, efficiency, organization and global visibility of legal affairs.

“We quickly noticed the relevance of Legal Suite’s tools and the improvement of teamwork; the return of investment is significantly positive”, concludes Jean-Bernard EHL.

According to Denis Marois, head of Legal at Lagardere Group, the deployment of the information system and its operation in the recent years have specifically allowed to:

Ensure the confidentiality of documents thanks to:

Legal and operational profiles;
Access rights per user on file folders;
Partitioning by branches with possibility of sharing;
Administration authorization, assigned within each entity;
A central server accessible by VPN and secure database.
Facilitate the sharing of files such as:

The directory (a list of who’s who for both internal and external companies and contacts, as well as the files they are associated with)
The central repositories
Manage the EAB authorizations (executive audiovisual board):

Monitoring functions of the radio frequency band
Notifications of authorization deadlines (renewals, advanced notices, termination dates, etc.)
About Lagardere

Lagardère, a world-class diversified media group led by Arnaud Lagardère, operates in around 30 countries and is structured around four distinct, complementary divisions: Lagardere Services, Lagardere Unlimited, Lagardere Publishing and Lagardere Active. The group, who has more than 23 000 employees on permanent payroll, reported 7.2 billion euro profit in 2013.



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