5 Question on E-Billing to Lionel Schwirtz, Deputy CEO at Legal Suite

Tell us about the E-Billing module in a few words…

The E-Billing module designed by Legal Suite is a tool to manage billing and invoicing from law firms in a paperless way. More secure, reliable and faster, this module covers the whole invoice process, from the issuance date to the payment. Invoices are automatically controlled by legal departments according to criteria defined upstream, such as agreed fees and discounts, as well as time spent, to ensure a real control of corporate legal expenses.

What is the impact of e-billing on validation processes?

Through digital documents and custom workflows, the user can take advantage of streamlined procedures and optimized management. On one hand, online invoices - easily accessible via the platform - accelerate the issuance and control processes. On the other hand, the validation workflow is streamlined by automated rules, which make it possible to automatically validate and transfer invoices for payment.

Is billing monitoring improved?

Absolutely, thanks to the automation of control processes. The module was designed to carry out predefined actions and it allows the user to get rid of a number of time-consuming tasks with no-added value for the team. It is, for example, possible to detect and alert users on non-conformities thanks to a detailed and comprehensive analysis of invoices. Once these mistakes are identified, adjustments are automatically made based on predefined control rules.

Can you tell us more about these rules?

The system is based on a number of pre-established control rules that implement various criteria to analyze invoices and verify their compliance with the fee agreement established between the in-house legal department and its law firm. Furthermore, these rules are customizable to be applicable individually or to all law firms. Among these rules are the hourly rate not to be exceeded, the monitoring of time spent, and the accepted type of service.

If you could pick two functionalities of the E-Billing module, what would they be?

First, I would say the real-time tracking of expenses. Indeed, the module offers a precise and updated history of the in-house legal department’s expenses. It is a real tracking tool for the evolution of fees against the budget allocated to each matter, ensuring an optimized control of expenses. Regular monitoring allows the user to benefit from a better understanding and precise control of his legal expenses, regular statistics on the quality of invoicing, in addition to the ability to anticipate budgets based on the analysis of previous reports. The other advantage of this tool lies in its ability to evaluate the performance of outside counsel and providers. Hence, the legal department has comparative data between its providers to ensure competition between them and to allow negotiation to reduce expenses.

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