Real estate requires management procedures that are often complex, owing to the multiple types of properties, contacts, trades, and areas of law involved. The Real Estate module offers simple, comprehensive, effective management. Designed to inventory the company’s real estate for the purpose of valuing it, the Real Estate module is used by in-house counsels as a tool for managing all kinds of leases.

Real Estate: inventory and value your real estate holdings

The Real Estate module is the business partner of legal teams for:

Describing a property and identifying its operating conditions by monitoring the legal aspects of your leases.

Tracking property finances (rent, indexing, fees and taxes, etc.).

Manage leases and the life of the site (mandatory inspections, work, etc.).

With the Real Estate module, you can:
  • List all of your land or rental properties and view them on an interactive map.
  • Track all information related to the inventory and management of the real estate holdings in real time.
  • Publish summary reports on your land and/or rental properties.

The Real Estate module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.