The prevention of risks in the company depends on rigorous, global management of insurance policies. The Insurance module developed by Legal Suite provides a comprehensive view of all policies taken out by your organization. It guarantees the control of risks related to the company’s assets, operations, and executives.

Insurance: complete control of the company’s insurance policies

The Legal Suite Insurance module is the business partner for:

Preparing an inventory and identifying each type of risk (building, warehouse, store, vehicle, person, activity).

Listing each policy, its costs, and any associated claims.

Quickly viewing the coverage and the associated costs.

Tracking and preserving the history of each claim.

With the Insurance module, you can :
  • Organize your files in a personalized way and quickly access all of the associated electronic documents.
  • Be alerted of key dates (policy renewal or expiration dates).
  • Publish custom reports (claim by type, status, loss/premium ratios, payment tracking, etc.).

The Insurance module is part of Legal Suite’s GaLexy® product line.